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ASMETEC Technical Products and Services 

This shop is addressed to B2B customers only, such as, traders, retailers, institutes, schools, universities etc, not adressed to endusers.
All our prices are based ex works, VAT / customs duties not included.
All orders are based on German Law only, foreign trade law is not accepted.
Please note:
We do not accept export orders in values below 100 Euro.
All export orders outside Europe are subject to a service charge of 30 Euro.
Goods are only sent once we have receivced thre full amount as of our invoice, inclö all service / bank charges
Payment via Paypal is with additional fee of 4 %, T/T-Payment of 25 Euro.


Our advice

Metolight Tri-Proof LED Light DAL-IP66-Pro -

Tri-Proof Light DAL-IP66-060-Pro, 23...

59,00 EUR
METOLIGHT LED-bulb SLG-H09, 115 Watt -


179,00 EUR
METOLIGHT LED-work light SLG36, 60 Watt, cold white, IP64 -

METOLIGHT LED-Lamp SLG36, 60 Watt -...

99,00 EUR
METOLIGHT LED-street bulb SLG09, 27 Watt, IP64 -

METOLIGHT LED-Lamp SLG09, E27 - 27...

35,00 EUR
Metolight LED Highbay HBL-4Way-100, 100 Watt, 14000 lm -

LED-Highbay-Light HBL-4Way-100-PW-60,...

435,00 EUR
Metolight LED-RDL-UVL-520, yellow room grid ceiling light

Yellow Room LED-Grid-Light...

255,00 EUR
METOLIGHT LED highbay Light HBL-LIN-100, 100 Watt, 14000 lm -

LED Linear High Bay Light...

232,00 EUR
METOLIGHT LED Warning Light with safety hammer and belt cutter

Metolight LED-Warning Light with...

42,00 EUR
Metolight LED Table lamp TLD Venus1 -

LED-Table-Light TLD-Venus-1, 7 Watt,...

42,00 EUR
Metostat ESD dissipative bag 3110, sealable -

ESD Shielding bag 3110, 100 x 150 x...

3,40 EUR


99,00 EUR
METOLIGHT LED-Tube, adjustable sensor, 120 cm, 1800l, -

METOLIGHT LED-Tube-150-23-RAD-adj,...

45,50 EUR
Stouffer T2115 step wegde -

Stouffer T2115, 21 steps, increment 0.15

25,80 EUR
Asmetec Berlin-Clock

The Berlin Clock (Set Theory Clock)

199,00 EUR
Metolight LED-Backlight-Bar -


15,00 EUR
Metolight DAL-SQ18-CWC, cool room light -

LED DAL-SQ18-DWC - Cool Room Light,...

19,00 EUR
Metoclean Topfit ESD-NC, dissipative glove, silicone free -

METOCLEAN Clean room gloves...

1,75 EUR
Metoclean Palmfit glove, silicone free -

METOCLEAN Clean room gloves...

1,50 EUR
Metoclean Topfit glove, silicone free -

METOCLEAN Clean room gloves...

1,39 EUR
UPRtek MF-250N flicker spectrometer

UPRtek Flicker-Spectrometer MF-250N

995,00 EUR
METOLIGHT LED-tube VDE 150 cm, 22 Watt, 2500 lm, pure white, clear -

METOLIGHT LED-Tube-VDE-C, 150 cm, 22...

22,00 EUR
METOLIGHT LEDtube ECOP 60 cm, 7 Watt, matt, 900 lm, energy class A++

LED-Tube-ECO-P, 60 cm, 9 Watt,...

12,00 EUR
METOLIGHT LEDtube ECOP 120 cm, 20 Watt, matt, 2500 lm, energy class A++

LED-Tube ECO-P, 150 cm, 22 Watt,...

15,00 EUR
LED table lamp Foldi

LED-Table lamp Foldi

50,00 EUR
DL-95052 magnifier set

Handheld magnifier DL-95052 - 3 in 1...

25,00 EUR
Touptek SCMOS, 3MP -

USB-Camera Touptek SCMOS-03, 3,1...

125,00 EUR

New product

METOLIGHT LED-street bulb SLG09, 27 Watt, IP64 -

METOLIGHT LED-Lamp SLG09, E27 - 27...

35,00 EUR

LED-PL-tube, 2G11-12-NWM-TRF, 12...

27,00 EUR

LED-PL-tube, 2G7-06-5630, 230 Volt, 6...

18,00 EUR