UPRTek LED-Spectrometer MK-350-N+

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UPRTek LED-Spectrometer MK-350N+

Follow-up of the classical MK350N - same style but additioonal measures.

The MK350N+ (N-Plus) allows to sdelevct from 40 measures, 4 indiuvidually displayed in the basic Screen.

New measures are e.g.
Delta UV: - to measure UV-% in light
Flicker: - to measure flicker% of light sources
CQS: - Color Quality Scale
TLCI: - Television Lighting Consistency Index
SP-Ratio: scotopic / photopic ratio
CIE-1921: X, Y, Z
CRI Ra: R1~R15

Easy to use, handheld LED spectrometer to measure all visual light from 380 nm to 780 mm at any time.
This ultra precise spectrometer comes with a CMOS Linear Image Sensor, 3,5" color touch screen, USB 2.0 port, SD-card slot.
It is supplied in a pouch, comes with rechargeable battery, power driver - all in a robust plastic case to carry with you when you're on the road.

Unlike any other spectrometer the MK-350N+ offers you the complete range of MUST HAVE light data such as:
Illuminance in Lux, spectral irradance, CIE coordinates 1931 and 1976, peak wave length, correlated color temperature (CCT) in Kelvin, color rendering index Ra (rendering average, but also R1~R15).

All data can be saved to SD-card (not included) or to your computer as MS-Excel compatible file or as BMP-file.
The fully charged battery operates the system for about 5 hours continiously measure (can be one time / continuos measure)
It includes an automatic dark calibration when switched on. Auto off function (time adjustable), menu language english, chinese, japanese. German and french language.
The MK-350-N comes in a robust plastic case, including pouch, rechargeable battery, charger, manual, 4GB SD-Card, pack of clean room gloves

How to use? Easy as can be:
1. Make sure the sensor cap is on sensor
2. press power button and accept automatic dark calibration
3. take off sensor cap and hold the sensor to the light source in dedicated distance
4. press measure button until beep
5. read measure in different ways via difference screens
6. (if needed) save data to SD-card or to your computer
Technical data
Sensor CMOS, 6,6 mm diameter
Measurement range 70 - 70.000 lux
Wavelength range 380 - 780 nm
integration time 8 - 1000 ms
capture function one time / continuos
Measure modes Basic / Spectrum Graph / CIE 1931/1976
Measure capabilities Illuminance, spectral irradance,
CIE 1931, 1976, 1921 chromaticity coordinates, peak wave length, CCT, CRI Ra, R1~R15
foot candle
TLCI, Flicker%, Delta-UV, CQS
Digital resolution 16 bits
Accuracy Illuminance +/- 5%, CCT +/- 2%, CRI +/- 1,5%
size 144 x 78 x 24 mm, 250 gr

WiFi-Set - transferss measure data to your PC within 5 m distance
WING - SD-Card to connect MK350N+ to PVC, Laptop or via App to your smartphone

Technical Data
Data Sheets & Downloads